Ratnivaara – pristine like pine forest

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Ratnivaara  Photo: Elina Hinkkanen

Status: Unprotected
Land-owner: SCA
Size: >100 ha ha
Municipality: Gällivare

Pristine like pine forest exists at the top of Ratnivaara. The oldest pines are more than 300 years old. The area has got sub-alpine characteristics and contains lots of dead wood. 11 red-listed species were found in the forest such as: Hydnellum gracilipes (EN), Antrodia albobrunnea (VU) & Haploporus odorus (VU)

Read more at Naturskyddare.se. (In Swedish only)

Ratnivaara  Photo: Per-Erik Mukka

Ratnivaara  Photo: Elina Hinkkanen